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Physiotherapy: the Positive Effects on Children with Movement Dysfunction
February 12, 2016

“The sooner a patient is assessed, the faster the treatment can begin to rectify problems,” says physiotherapist, Jane Lavery of Belleville, Ontario’s Quinte and District Rehabilitation. In a recent article on, Quinte Rehab discusses the value they place on starting physiotherapy at a young age. Lavery says, “The earlier physiotherapy begins the better chance we have of helping a condition.” They also state the following: “Physiotherapy can also help teenagers overcome conditions related to posture, such as Scoliosis – curvature in the spine. Through demonstration and education of techniques to strengthen muscles, [Physiotherapists] can help to reduce the impact of a condition and prevent further injury.”

At Craven SPORT services, we believe in the values Quinte Rehab has stated above. The earlier a problem is addressed the sooner a positive impact can be made. We offer a similarly structured system at our Saskatoon, Saskatchewan based physiotherapy clinic, “The first [physiotherapy] session at the clinic is an assessment to see how the child/youth moves or to assess where there might be an injury and what challenges need to be addressed. Then a program is created that parents and child can carry out at home.”

To read more from Jane Lavery and the benefits of physiotherapy on children: Read More...

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