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Concussions: Don't Ignore the Facts
February 18, 2016

The following article is a great read about a physiotherapist, Lauren Ziaks, and her journey in dealing with concussions. “When in doubt, sit them out,” says Lauren, “because no matter how hard the initial blow, it’s the second hit that’s worse than the first.” Lauren herself has had several concussions over her lifetime, of which were the inspiration for her pursuit of her degree in physiotherapy. “I’m no extreme athlete,” says Lauren, “just a regular person that’s a little bit clumsy.” But her pain has resulted in a lot of other people's gain.

As a physiotherapy and concussion management clinic in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, we fully support and agree with Lauren Ziaks. We believe that if you have symptoms of a concussion the best thing you can do is to get checked out. Don't put it off and don't ignore the facts. We also commit ourselves to excellence in being constant learners and improving our existing systems.

To read more from Lauren Ziaks and her experience as a physiotherapist and the “Queen of Concussions”:

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