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May is National Physiotherapy Month!
May 12, 2016
The Canadian Physiotherapy Association is focusing on Healthy Aging for the month of May.
“As we get older, we are more likely to find ourselves dealing with an array of challenging health conditions,” the Canadian Physiotherapy Association says. Physiotherapy month is about recognizing the over 20,000 registered physiotherapists across Canada that dedicate their time and expertise to helping people improve their overall fitness, prevent injuries, and address a variety of issues.

At Craven SPORT services, we believe physiotherapy and rehabilitation can help with maintaining a healthy, long and active life.
In response to Physiotherapy Month, we are offering Fit 4 Retirement; a walking/strength exercise circuit class designed for adults 55 and older. Enjoy your retirement with a healthy lifestyle and maintain your independence. It’s not too late to get into shape and we can help!
For more information about Fit 4 Retirement call 306-934-2011 or email

For more information about Physiotherapy Month, follow the link to the Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s website:

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