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At craven sport services, our diverse team of professionals will help you overcome pain, regain your mobility and truly enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle.


Acupuncture is a system for diagnosing and treating disease using fine needles inserted into specific points on the body. No drug is injected nor fluid taken from the body with these needles. The needles alone create the beneficial effects. Acupuncture has its roots in classical Chinese medicine, but has been combined by western trained medical practitioners with knowledge of western learned anatomy, physiology and illness. At Craven SPORT services, acupuncture is used – in addition to exercise – as a therapy to aid in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and rehabilitation.

Massage Therapy

Growing in popularity as an important element of health and wellness, massage therapy can help treat headaches, neck stiffness and pain, arthritis, sports injuries, stress and more.

Specialized therapies available include:

  • Therapeutic Massage – Soft tissue manipulation to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle spasms, stress, and to promote health and wellness.
  • Remedial Exercise – Stretch and mobility exercises to perform in your home between rehabilitation treatments.
  • Pregnancy Massage – Therapeutic massage done with the use of special maternity pillows that cradle and support the belly. Healthy for baby and relaxing for mom.
  • Sport Massage – Therapeutic massage within training and competition guidelines to help improve athletic performance and prevent injury.

Dietitian Consultation

We've partnered with Alison Friesen Nutrition to offer consultations on appropriate nutrition for staying fit. Her mission is to provide clients with the necessary tools that will empower them to achieve performance goals and a healthy lifestyle by offering personalized counseling and coaching with a foundation in evidenced based research.

BASIC FEES:                                                                                                                                          
  • Initial/General Consultation - $100/hour
  • Individual Meal Plan (approx. 1 hour dietitian time) - $60
  • Follow up Appointments (approx. 30min in length) - $60

Contact Alison for package offers, group sessions and workshops. Alison also has contracts available to teams for a season or year; contact her to work out the details of the contract.

Pelvic Floor

Ability to Treat:

  • Stress, Urge, and Mixed Urinary Incontinence
  • Basic level Pelvic Pain
  • Overactive/Weak Pelvic Floor Musculature

Services Offered:

  • Assessments (including internal exam and manual treatment)
  • Education regarding lifestyle modification and bladder retraining
  • Exercise planning and prescription (general and pelvic floor specific)
  • Post-partum and diastasis rectus abdominus related dysfunction management

Bike Fit Assessments

The bike fit assessment includes a Physiotherapy assessment as well as measurement and adjustment of your bike to meet your needs.

Running Assessments

We use video analysis to help improve your running efficiency and technique and help prevent injuries.

Event Medical Coverage

Leave injury management to the professionals to ensure your athletes receive proper immediate professional care while you worry about running the event itself.

We currently provide ongoing medical coverage for the Kinsmen Football League, several high school sports including football, track and field, and wrestling as well as for many National and International sporting events that come to Saskatoon.

Please call our clinic to book medical coverage for your sporting event.


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