Hayley Legg

Strength & Conditioning Coach
BSc (hons), MRes, CSCS, ASCC

Hayley brings a unique perspective to Craven SPORT services, evident through her extensive personal and professional experience. Hayley is a Senior Lecturer at St. Mary’s University in London, contributing to the distance learning strength & conditioning science master’s program. Prior to this, she contributed to the undergraduate Sport Science and Strength & Conditioning Science degree programs for a decade. Hayley completed her undergraduate and Master’s of Research degrees in London, where her thesis examined the biomechanics of weightlifting shoes and the squat. She is currently a PhD Candidate at the University of Saskatchewan, focusing on upper body strength capacity in an aging population.

Hayley has been an accredited strength and conditioning coach since 2008, and has worked with a wide range of clients and athletes in both Canada and the UK. Hayley is heavily involved with strength and conditioning in Saskatchewan, serving as the Provincial Director for the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

With Craven SPORT services, Hayley will be working with clients across a broad range of ages and stages, but will be providing her unique talent specifically to our older adult clientele, including in the provision of our ‘older adult supervised training’ sessions on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons!