Steve Irinici


Steve Irinici is a graduate from the University of Saskatchewan where he completed his Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology (2010), Bachelor of Educations (2011), and Masters of Physical Therapy (2015). 

Steve believes in lifelong learning and has an interest in acquiring his acupuncture, sports diploma, and orthopaedic manual therapy levels. He is currently a first responder and has attained his Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Level 2, Biomedical Dry Needling and Concussion Management training. Steve enjoys working with all age groups and is excited and eager to work with all individuals to help them achieve their unique goals. His philosophy is teaching people to understand their own anatomy and movement mechanics to allow them to facilitate their own health and physical activity for the future.

Steve has a passion and love for all sports, and played soccer for the University of Saskatchewan Huskies for 4 years, as well as overseas in Belgium. He also enjoys basketball, football, cricket, tennis and strength training (among all other sports). Fun fact: Steve has bungee jumped and sky dived, and definitely thinks bungee jumping is much more terrifying!

Steve believes the best life is a balanced life!