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5 Ways a Physiotherapist Provides Effective Pain Relief!

Craven SPORT ServicesNovember 20, 2018

A physiotherapist is a clinical expert in movement and dysfunction who uses a combination of manual and active techniques to help people recover from injury or illness affecting a variety of bodily systems. They provide pain relief for their patients in several ways:

1. A physiotherapist uses techniques and services that have been rigorously studied and supported by scientific research.
Strong research shows that physiotherapy services can significantly reduce back pain, post-operative pain and a variety of other pain-related conditions. By implementing a plan of care physiotherapists are able to improve patient outcomes.

2. Physiotherapy techniques have minimal-to-no side effects.
Treatments frequently used by your physiotherapist — including joint mobilizations, massage, and modalities such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation — have a very low risk of side effects.

3. A physiotherapist provides pain relief by addressing pain at its root.
A physiotherapist carefully evaluates your body and identifies the underlying
reasons for your pain. By addressing the underlying cause (like scar tissue or muscle length imbalances), your therapist can help you relieve and even prevent pain.

4. A physiotherapist can implement individualized exercise programs that are specifically tailored to your stage of recovery.
Everybody (and every body) is intended to move, but when you’re in pain, it may seem counter-intuitive to say that exercise can help you feel better. The truth is, physical activity can significantly reduce your pain, and physiotherapists are experts at designing individualized exercise programs that can promote tissue healing, swelling reduction, improved range of motion, and increased strength and endurance.

5. Participating in physiotherapy is an engaging process that can inspire you to take a more active role in your pain management.
A typical physiotherapy session at our clinic lasts anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, and your physiotherapist gets the opportunity to work closely with you and include you in in-depth discussions about progress, goals and needs.

Are you or a loved one currently dealing with pain? Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with a physiotherapist and experience the pain relief you deserve.