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Corporate Outreach

Corporate Outreach

Corporate Outreach

Bring health and wellness into the workplace!

Craven SPORT services is proud to offer workplace presentations on the importance of physical activity during and outside the work-day, completely free of charge. We offer this community service free of charge to provide better education on the impacts of immobile work environments, and solutions for reducing their harm on our bodies, minds, and daily productivity.

Why it matters

Work days that comprise of primarily or entirely a sitting posture have dramatic effects on our health, and long-term productivity.

Sitting costs… employees:

  • Individuals who sit for 8 hours per day increase their likelihood of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease by 40%

  • Sitting is the orthopaedic ‘perfect storm’, and can lead to neck problems, carpal tunnel, knee problems, should dysfunction, back pain, hernias, pelvic floor dysfunction & more (source:

  • Sedentary behaviour (such as extended sitting) is associated with a significant increase of all-cause mortality (source:

Sitting costs…employers:

  • The introduction of an employee wellness program in the workplace can decrease employee absenteeism by as much as 42%

  • Sitting decreases productivity among employees as a result of ill health; by contrast, users of sit-stand workstations unanimously claim to be more alert, task-driven & positive (source:

What we offer

  • On-location corporate presentations
  • Verbal and print materials
  • In and out of office solutions for improving employee health & productivity
  • Please note: these presentations are free of charge, and provided by
    Craven SPORT services as an act of community service in our city
For more information or to book a ‘Fit 4 Work’ presentation at your business, please contact Bruce Craven at!