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Before Your First Session

Before Your First Session

Before your first session:


Prior to your first session at the Craven SPORT services Training Centre, you will receive a consent form (via email) from the Training Centre administrator that can be completed and submitted online. 


While COVID-19 protocols are no longer provincially standardized, Craven SPORT services is continuing to implement a series of health and safety precautions to promote a safe and accessible clinical environment for clients at this time. 

  • Clients and staff will be asked to review a set of symptom-based screening questions before entering either facility
  • Staff will continue wearing medical-grade masks during all client treatment/training at both facilities.
  • Masks are now optional but welcomed for clients at all CSS facilities. Following the philosophy of ‘client-directed masking’, treating professionals will have the choice of continuing to wear their mask, or to follow their clients’ lead. 
  • Facility-wide equipment, treatment room, and high-touch surface sanitizing will continue between clients and at regular intervals at both facilities.
  • Hand sanitizer will remain available at both facilities, and we that it is used upon arrival and mindfully throughout your time at Craven SPORT services.
  • We will continue to encourage contact-free payment whenever possible. 

During your first session:


Unless otherwise indicated, your training session will take place at the Craven SPORT services Training Centre (#10-632 1st Avenue N, Saskatoon).


Our facility includes:

 Wheelchair accessible and gender-neutral washrooms

Free, on-site parking

State-of-the-art equipment

12 physically-distanced exercise zones

Lockers and cubbies for personal belongings


Comfortable indoor shoes

Water bottle

Comfortable, flexible clothing (no jeans, no zippers)

A well-fitted face mask (feel free to ask our admin team for a fresh mask if at any point during your session you would like one!)


Free parking is available on site.

Confirm with our administrative team that you have reviewed our COVID-19 Screening Questions posted at the entrance, and answered ‘no’ to each.

Enter the facility at the time of your scheduled session. You will be greeted by our Training Centre administrator, who will welcome you to the space, introduce you to your strength & conditioning coach, and assign you to a physically-distanced training zone. 

Next steps

We hope you will have enjoyed your first session with the Craven SPORT services Training Centre! 

With any questions or comments regarding upcoming sessions and our facility protocol, or feedback on how we can best help you achieve your goals, please don’t hesitate to contact us.