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Privacy, Safety, Consent

Privacy, Safety, Consent

Privacy, Safety, Consent

Putting your safety and privacy first

The Craven CONNECT @ HOME telerehabilitation program was developed following painstaking attention to privacy, safety, and consent considerations in order to ensure that our remote physiotherapy and training services meet and exceed national standards of best practice and security. The following information outlines a general summary of the considerations made to ensure your safety and privacy during remote appointments. For further details, we invite you to contact our administrative team directly.

How is your security protected?

Craven CONNECT @ HOME telerehabiltation technology meets the legal requirements for confidentiality and security of information. Our physiotherapists and trainers will take the necessary action to ensure the security of all devices used in telerehabilitation and when storing information related to telerehabilitation services. Our Craven CONNECT @ HOME technology is HIPA and PIPEDA-compliant, and ensures end-to-end data encryption and secure Canadian-based storage. 

What happens in the event of a technological failure?

Although Craven SPORT Services has made every effort to test all technology prior to your appointment to ensure it is functioning well, technology failures may occur. Clients will hold harmless Craven SPORT Services for information lost due to technology failure. Your physiotherapist or trainer will have your phone number, and clients will have theirs if there is a failure in technology so that you may reconnect.

How is your privacy safeguarded during remote calls?

To ensure your privacy, your physiotherapist or trainer will verify your identity prior to initiating each Craven CONNECT @ HOME telerehabilitation session. Your physiotherapist or trainer will clearly identify themselves at the beginning of a telerehabilitation session and will also disclose their physical location to you.

How is your physical safety protected during a session?

To ensure your safety, your physiotherapist or trainer will assess your injuries and/or goals and the appropriateness of telerehabilitation to provide care. To the best of their ability, they will ensure that the location where you receive care is safe. Procedures are in place to ensure the availability of help in the occurrence of an adverse event or emergency. Your physiotherapist will verify your phone number, physical location (street address, city), and emergency contact as a part of this safety plan.