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Rhonda Shishkin

B.Sc(PT), Dip. Sport(PT), CAT(C), BSPE, CAFCI

About Rhonda

Rhonda is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan with a BSPE and BScPT. She holds a Diploma in Sport Physiotherapy and is a Certified Athletic Therapist. Her career has involved working in high performance sport with Huskie Athletics, Canada Basketball and Athletics Canada. She has been selected to several core medical teams including Pan Am, Commonwealth, and FISU Games. Rhonda is a self-proclaimed course junkie and has been privileged to take sport and orthopedic courses from many of the gurus in the physiotherapy profession who have shaped her personal sport physiotherapy practice. 

Now with over 20 years of high-performance and clinical experience under her belt, Rhonda serves as a sport physiotherapist at Craven SPORT Services.

About Rhonda's approach to sport physiotherapy

Rhonda’s approach to sport physiotherapy and rehabilitation focuses on what is important to the client and building a plan to help them get back to the activity they love. Rhonda focuses on movement analysis, improving deficits in mobility, strength, and stability to ensure you return safely back to the things you love, and even improve your performance. Whether you’re a recreational runner looking to eliminate knee pain, an older adult wanting to stay active or introduce new activities, or an athlete looking to optimize your sport performance, Rhonda’s practice can benefit you!

With over two decades in sport, Rhonda has extensive experience in numerous sports (contact, non-contact, court sports, and athletics), and has experience with a wide range of injuries (acute, chronic, post-surgical).  

Did you know that Rhonda was the Lead Physiotherapist for the Senior Women’s National Basketball Team at the Tokyo Olympics? The approach she uses with the Olympic athlete mirrors the approach she uses with the Craven client.

Whether you are an olympic-level athlete or someone stepping foot in the gym for the first time, Rhonda’s unique approach to sport physiotherapy is meaningful and unprecedented.