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Shai Olansky

Manager of Strength & Conditioning
B.Ed(PE), M.Sc(Kin), CSCS

Shai has a passion for health and fitness which began after his brother’s Colitis diagnosis. Shai’s entire family was impacted by the diagnosis, and joined his brother in solidarity as they worked hard to improve their diet, lifestyle, and fitness habits together. As his passion for healthy living continued to grow, Shai completed his undergraduate degree in Physical Education at the Wingate Institute.

After working as a physical education teacher and personal trainer, he still felt like there was more to learn that could better propel him toward his goal of working with high performance athletes. Shai made the decision to move to Canada, where he completed his Masters of Kinesiology at Brock University in St. Catherines. His combined experience of working with clients in both Israel and Canada (through the Brock Sports Performance Centre) and his comprehensive education in movement, sport, and biomechanics has left Shai ready to bring his passion for sport and healthy living to Craven SPORT services in Saskatoon! 

When Shai isn’t at the Craven SPORT services Training Centre, you’ll catch him staying active, enjoying the outdoors, and spending time with his dog Maple. The two are currently living on an acreage outside of the city, and taking full advantage of the Canadian prairie experience! 

As the Manager of Strength & Conditioning at Craven SPORT services, Shai will be working actively to facilitate the training, testing, and development of our diverse #teamcraven athlete program. In addition to his management role, Shai will work one-on-one with a wide variety of clients at all ages and stages of life and fitness! Shai’s ultimate career goal is to coach an athlete all the way to the Olympic or Paralympic Games. Craven SPORT services is excited to be able to help make this dream a reality!

Shai Olansky is the Manager of High Performance Training at Craven SPORT services in Saskatoon.
Shai Olansky is the Manager of High Performance Training at Craven SPORT services in Saskatoon.