Client forms

Client forms

The information and forms you need before you begin your workout

Before you join Craven SPORT services to begin your strength and conditioning journey, we ask that you complete the necessary paperwork. The following forms are organized by client type – please find the one that applies to you and complete it by clicking the appropriate link below!

As our Training Centre is temporarily closed to the public for strength and conditioning programming due to COVID-19, many of our clients will need to complete additional forms enabling online communication and training through our ‘Craven CONNECT @ HOME’ program. 

personal TRAINING

Don’t let distance slow your progress! Craven CONNECT @ HOME personal training allows clients around the world to continue their one-on-one training with our strength & conditioning team. 

Please complete the following form prior to your first ‘Craven CONNECT @ HOME’ personal training session.


North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) athletes from across Saskatchewan are working closely with Craven SPORT services as they continue to build strength from home. 

Please complete the following form before beginning your online ‘Craven CONNECT @ HOME training program as a NAIG athlete!


Craven SPORT services works with a number of teams across sports to help athletes take their strength and performance to the next level. 

Please complete the following form before beginning your online ‘Craven CONNECT @ HOME’ team training program!