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Health and Wellness Blog

10 Tips to Stay Motivated in Winter

Craven Sport ServicesDecember 12, 2017

Winter brings many of its own challenges. Between the cold, the snow and the ice, it feels like we have our hands full! Trying to stay active can add stress, or we simply don’t do it at all!

Katelyn Procyshyn, Physiotherapist at Craven SPORT services gives us 10 tips to help us stay motivated through the winter:

1. Try a New Winter Sport:
Challenge yourself by doing something new such as cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, skating (there are 50 rinks in Saskatoon, plus Cameco Meewasin Skating Rink!), curling, or snowmobiling.

2. Join a New Club or Take a New Class:
Saskatoon has many amazing businesses that aspire to help us lead more active lives! Get your indoor cycle on at Ryde YXE, throw an axe at Timberjaxe, or get sweaty at Moksha Yoga!

3. Take Fitness Indoors:
Buy an exercise or Yoga DVD, take up swimming, biking, dancing, or team sports!

4. Get Some Sunlight:
Seasonal affective disorder or depression are common in the winter months. Light Therapy or good ol’ sunshine can help!

5. Make Monthly Goals, To Do Lists, Meal Prep:
Don’t waste precious daylight hours!

6. Embrace winter:
Play outside, go to an outdoor rink, take your dog for a walk at a dog park, have a snowball fight, go sledding, or build a snowman!

7. Good Deeds Go a Long Way:
Commit to shoveling your neighbors’ driveway, or walking their dog!

8. Find an Exercise Buddy:
Being accountable to someone else makes it a lot easier to stay on track!

9. Meditation in the Morning:
Create a daily intention for focus each day!

10. Stay Healthy and Active:
Proper nutrition, regular exercise, adequate sleep, and hydration are musts. The winter months can bring on nasty colds or the flu if we stop taking care of ourselves!