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Health and Wellness Blog

4 Nutrition Tips for Staying Active Outside

Craven SPORT ServicesMarch 15, 2018

Try these nutrition tips to stay energized for physical activity outside:

1. Never Leave Your House Without Peanut Butter and a Banana. The banana gives you some volume and fills you up, and the peanut butter’s fat and protein keep you that way.

2. Look to Plants for Protein. There’s plenty of protein found in non-animal sources so long as you’re mindful of your consumption throughout the day.

3. Deploy the Right Foods at the Right Time. High- fiber, low-fat foods like brown rice and broccoli may be good for your health over the long term, but eat them at the wrong time—just before a race, for example—and you could find yourself in a world of gastric distress.

4. Have Your Breakfast on Repeat. If you eat a quality breakfast, you’re less likely to eat a lousy lunch as you’ve already made the effort to eat. You’ll reduce decision fatigue and set the stage for a healthier day of eating.

For more nutrition tips, or to book a consultation, contact Alison Friesen, our Registered Dietitian on staff!