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Health and Wellness Blog

5 Tips to Keep you Biking Through Winter

Craven Sport ServicesNovember 2, 2017

The winter months can be daunting for any cyclist, especially in Saskatchewan! However, the cold doesn’t mean we have to stop! Spoke N’ Sport gave us 5 tips to help you keep biking through the winter!

  1. Get a good set of lights. The days are shorter in winter so you often find yourself riding in dark conditions.
  2. Keep your chain clean and properly lubricated (as well as your whole bike). With all the road salts and wet snow, it is hard on a bike’s drivetrain and will wear down a chain faster than fair weather riding.
  3. Keep an eye on tire pressure. For fat bikes especially, psi will affect your traction. Your bike will lose pressure just from sitting in the garage so check it regularly.
  4. Use the proper outerwear. One of the hardest things to judge is leaving your house cold. Once you start peddling your bike you warm up quick and over dressing can cause you to sweat making you wet and getting colder in the end.
  5. Plan your route accordingly. Everything on your bike in winter runs slower, your brakes won’t stop you as fast, and you will be riding on ice and slippery snow. Be cautious and ride smart, respect other vehicles.

Check out Spoke N Sport for your equipment needs this winter!