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Health and Wellness Blog

Caffeine, The Bladder & The Athlete

Craven Sport ServicesOctober 3, 2017

With Bree Rutten, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

We all know that caffeine provides a great pick me up, and can enhance athletic performance.  However, caffeine is a bladder irritant and will stimulate the bladder. This may result in stronger or more frequent bladder urges, more rushing to the bathroom and more chance for leaking urine. As well, many people find caffeine to be a bowel stimulant, which means the bowels may start moving and create urgency and perhaps loose stools. Loose stools are hard to control, and that can lead to bowel leakage as well.

None of these symptoms are fun to experience, and can prevent many people from enjoying their sport depending on the amount of caffeine they are taking in or how soon they ingest it before performance.  Caffeine can affect different people in different ways, but the majority do find that it is a stimulant in many ways! Having proper pelvic floor strength to be able to control urges and prevent leakage is important for anyone, but more so for anyone doing physical activity that is strenuous or involves high impact or heavy lifting activities.

To make sure your pelvic floor is in tip top shape, come see Bree for an assessment and let the pelvis help you in more ways than you imagined!