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Physiotherapy Could Help You Avoid Surgery Altogether!

Are you frustrated by your recurring pain? Do you feel as if you're out of options and are now contemplating surgery? At Craven Sport Services in Saskatoon, our physiotherapists will identify the root cause of your pain and give you...

Bruce CravenApril 10, 2023

Physiotherapy Can Provide the Relief You’ve Been Looking For!

Many people suffer from lower back pain and are unsure of how to find long-term relief. Dealing with this type of pain has an impact on daily life and can take away time you would normally spend relaxing, working, and...

Bruce CravenMarch 10, 2023

Are You Having Hip, Knee, Or Shoulder Surgery? Physiotherapy Can Help You Recover!

Do you have a surgery approaching? Are you nervous about the outcomes? At Craven SPORT services, we understand that this can be a nerve wracking time. Know that support can be found at our Saskatoon physiotherapy clinic. Choosing to participate...

Bruce CravenFebruary 17, 2023

Physiotherapy can help you leave the pain relievers behind

If you're taking pain relievers and just don't want to stay dependent on them forever, physiotherapy can be exactly the solution you need. Physiotherapy can be very beneficial for both short-term pain (usually, that which lasts just a few weeks...

Bruce CravenDecember 20, 2021

Physiotherapy Can Put An End To Living In Pain

Finally Find the Relief You’ve Been Looking For Have you suffered from sports injuries or a traffic accident recently? If you have, chances are you're still struggling with potential aches, pains, strains, and fatigue. If you are dealing with acute...

Bruce CravenDecember 10, 2021
Surgery Coming Up? Get Back to Normal Life with Pre-Hab

Surgery Coming Up? Recover ASAP and Get Back to Normal Life with Pre-Hab

You Can Do A Lot for Yourself by Participating in PT Both Before and After Surgery! Surgery can be very painful and traumatic for the body to go through, so it's typically only performed when there are simply no other...

Bruce CravenSeptember 10, 2021
Chronic Pain Can Make Daily Life Problematic - PT is the Solution

Chronic Pain Can Make Daily Life Problematic – Physiotherapy is the Solution

Solve Your Daily Aches and Pains with Physiotherapy Chronic pain affects more than 100 million people in the U.S. and 20-30% of the global population, reports the National Institutes of Health Office of Disease Prevention. Moreover, experts predict chronic pain...

Bruce CravenAugust 3, 2021
Desk Job Getting You Down? You Can Still Be Active!

Desk Job Getting You Down? You Can Still Be Active!

Get Moving with These 5 Tips! Sitting too much is simply hard on the body. Excessive sedentary behavior—common and seemingly "unavoidable" if you have a desk job—can increase the risk for back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and other types...

Craven Sport ServicesJuly 12, 2021
PT After Surgery Can Significantly Improve Your Recovery Process

Physiotherapy After Surgery Can Significantly Improve Your Recovery Process

Surgery Coming Up? Physiotherapy Can Help You Get Back to Your Life Faster! Facing surgery can be a little scary. Not only are you unsure how the operation itself will go, you may not be clear about what to expect...

Bruce CravenJuly 3, 2021