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Fresh Starts

Craven Sport ServicesFebruary 1, 2017

With Alison Friesen, RD

Tis’ the season for New Year Resolutions. Way too often, we jump into unrealistic resolutions that last for not even half the year. We set ourselves up for failure by jumping into a crazy diet trend or restricting ourselves from something we love. Why not start this year off right and set some realistic, achievable New Year goals (that do not include diets, cleanses or detoxes). Focus your goals on how you can work towards a few healthy changes and plan for how you can make those changes.

  • An example of a goal is “Start meal planning for the week.”
    • Steps to help you achieve that goal could be: plan 2 meals each week for the first month, buy a fridge planner and set aside time from 2-3 on Sunday’s to pick the meals, pick out a recipe book that will help inspire you to cook.

Goals do not have to be extravagant. It is the small goals and small steps that help you achieve the overall health goals you have. It is better to start small, then to go big and fail.

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