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#TEAMCRAVEN symbolizes the Integrated Support Team at Craven SPORT services, and the network of athletes who train with us, utilizing these services!

#TEAMCRAVEN highlights and celebrates the various athletes who train with Craven SPORT services, providing a sense of family, support, and encouragement throughout their daily lives and athletic endeavors. At the same time, it utilizes the Craven SPORT services network of physiotherapists, strength and conditioning coaches, massage therapists, dieticians, mental performance professionals, and paramedical professionals to ensure comprehensive access to athlete health, advancement, and success.


Whether in the height of performance or in the years that lead up to or follow that stage, the #TEAMCRAVEN performance pathway utilizes our Integrated Support Team to set athletes up for success. This process includes internal and expedited referrals to physiotherapy, massage, nutrition support, and mental performance training – bringing together the various components that promote long-term athlete health, and help them take their performance to the next level!


When an injury occurs, the #TEAMCRAVEN medical pathway ensures athletes have access to the best and fastest resources available. Following an injury, Craven SPORT services will assess your injury, refer within our network of physicians and specialists if necessary, collaboratively diagnose, and treat the injury. Combining efficient communication, expedited services, and a holistic knowledge of both the athlete’s injury and sport, Craven SPORT services will get the individual back into the Performance Pathway in a manner that promotes long-term health and maximizes success!

Regardless of where you stand on the long-term athlete development model, there’s a place for you on #TEAMCRAVEN!

Athletes who would like to further explore the opportunities for training with Craven SPORT services are encouraged to explore our ‘Athlete Training’ services. From teams to individual programming, there’s something for everyone. Whether your goal is perfecting a hip-hinge or standing on an Olympic Podium, we’ll help you get there.

Are you an athlete with a love for social media?
Contact your Craven SPORT services Strength & Conditioning Coach to learn more about our #TEAMCRAVEN athlete ambassador program. Join high performance athletes across the country sharing their triumphs, challenges, and daily commitment through the Craven SPORT services social media profiles!
Build your audience, whilst being included in exclusive events, digital campaigns, and more!