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PT After Surgery Can Significantly Improve Your Recovery Process

Physiotherapy After Surgery Can Significantly Improve Your Recovery Process

Surgery Coming Up? Physiotherapy Can Help You Get Back to Your Life Faster! Facing surgery can be a little scary. Not only are you unsure how the operation itself will go, you may not be clear about what to expect...

Bruce CravenJuly 3, 2021
post-surgical rehab

What are the benefits of pre and post-surgical rehab? Why you should consider speaking with a physiotherapist before your upcoming surgery

Pre and post-surgical rehab is often recommended for those having orthopedic surgery. These types of surgeries could include foot, ankle, knee, hip, wrist, hand, shoulder, neck, and spine surgeries. Rehab can, however, be beneficial for just about any type of...

Bruce CravenJune 22, 2020

What is Pre-hab and How Can it Help Me Recover Faster?

It’s no secret that undertaking physiotherapy after an injury or surgery helps you recover faster. But what if there was a way to prevent an injury in the first place?

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Bruce CravenSeptember 10, 2019