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Top 5 Treatments for a Concussion

Craven SPORT ServicesSeptember 21, 2017

While rest is important, it is not the only important thing to do when it comes to concussions!

Complete Concussion Management takes us through the top 5 treatments for a concussion!

Here is the brief overview:

1.Exercise Therapy

Through specific exercise programs and the help of an educated professional, it has been proven that exercise therapy can help improve blood flow to the brain and help resolve concussion symptoms!

2.Manual Therapy

Complete Concussion Management is very adamant that with every concussion there is whiplash (to view the stats visit this article) Treatment through manual therapy can help relieve persistent whiplash symptoms that can last for up to a year!

3.Diet Changes

Injury to tissue produces inflammation. Concussions are no different! In the early stages of a concussion metabolic dysfunction can occur, which is why rest is important at the start.
Avoiding foods that promote inflammation (such as red meats, refined sugars, white breads and pastas, and artificial sweeteners) and replacing them with fruits, vegetables, fresh caught fish (salmon, mackerel, herring), and good fats (coconut oil, flax seed, almonds), can help to reduce symptoms of a concussion.

4.Vestibular and Visual Rehab

Testing of the visual systems is a very necessary step to understanding the severity of the concussion that has taken place. Symptoms of dizziness, trouble with concentration or memory, can be a part of these visual systems. In order to provide a proper and successful rehabilitation program, these tests must take place!

5.Education and Reassurance

Having a pre-existing history with depression or anxiety can prolong the symptoms of a concussion. The overlay of concussions and mental health has been present since the beginning. However, studies show that education and reassurance to a patient about their concussion has helped patients to feel better and reduce the long term symptoms related to their concussion.

If you or someone you know has recently experienced a concussion, we can help! Our Physiotherapists are trained and certified to help you return to your life as quickly and as safely as possible.

Visit our Concussion Management page for more information or Contact us to book an appointment!

To read in detail the Top 5 Treatments for a Concussion visit the Complete Concussion Management website, here.