Dietitian Services

Dietitian Services

A consultation with a dietitian maximizes the power of food to
fuel our health, fitness, and wellbeing!

We’ve partnered with Vitality Nutrition

providing our clients with access to their integrative, meaningful and scientific approach to using food to enhance energy, performance and overall health!

Vitality Nutrition offers individualized and lifestyle coaching to help you reach your health and performance goals. 

Our philosophy is simple:

fuel the body, feed the soul.

This means recognizing the foundational role that food plays in enhancing energy, performance and overall health while simultaneously embracing the power of food as a connection point in our relationships and overall sense of wellbeing. 

We use a sustainable, practice-based approach to build knowledge, awareness, and structure in your food choices whilst teaching you how to find your own version of balance.


Our specific areas of expertise include: 

  • Sports nutrition (optimizing training and competition diet for sport)
  • Body composition changes (building muscle, losing body fat, evidence-based weight loss)
  • Digestive health (IBS, food intolerances, gluten intolerances, celiac disease and more)
  • Hormonal health (hypothalamic amenorrhea, improving menstrual cycle symptoms, PCOS, and more)
  • Food relationships (building a trusting and nourishing relationship with food)
  • Nutrition for CrossFitters (optimizing nutritional intake to support energy, body composition, and performance)
  • Correcting abnormal blood results (improving elevated LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, and more)
  • Nutrition and lifestyle to enhance sleep and circadian rhythm (ex. planning for night shifts)
  • Mindset coaching (overcoming limiting beliefs around food, overcoming ‘all or nothing’ thinking, and more)

Courtney Berg

Courtney Berg is a Registered Dietitian and lover of chocolate, long walks, and travelling! She has been an athlete for most of her life, and currently expresses her joy for movement at a local CrossFit gym. 


Darian Kotchorek

Darian Kotchorek is a Registered Dietitian who grew up playing numerous sports which ignited her passion for nutrition and the role it plays in performance and health. Darian enjoys building her fitness through CrossFit, spending time outdoors, connecting with family and friends, and trying new foods!


90 minute consult – $160.00
This comprehensive initial assessment includes a review of your current goals, nutritional intake, and lifestyle habits. We’ll discuss your specific goals and current challenges to create a customized strategy including menu planning, supplement recommendations, habit formation, and more.

60 minute follow-up – $80.00
In this follow-up we will build on your understanding of nutrition and lifestyle fundamentals, and refine the plan we created in your initial consultation to optimize your overall health, performance, and sense of wellbeing.

Monthly nutrition coaching – $225.00
Those of us who want to succeed have a better chance with the ongoing support and help from a knowledgable mentor. Our nutrition coaching program is our most popular plan as it offers ongoing support, accountability, and guidance to achieve your specific goals. This program includes a 90 minute initial consultation and weekly follow-up via email (or video) for ongoing monitoring, adjusting and integration. You’ll work closely with Darian or Courtney to track metrics that relate to your specific health, body composition, and/or performance goals. You’ll also gain access to our 12 week nutrition fundamentals online course to further enhance your understanding of nutrition science and habit formation. 

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