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Auto & Work Injuries Saskatoon, SK

Physiotherapy for Auto Work Injuries Saskatoon

Physiotherapy for Auto Work Injuries Saskatoon

Craven SPORT services works closely with you and your insurance provider to aid in your auto-accident or workplace injury recovery process!

Clients recovering from a motor-vehicle accident or a workplace accident often require comprehensive and longer-term care to ensure proper healing and a return to daily life. Craven SPORT services works closely with your insurance provider to ensure you receive the care you need to feel like yourself again!

Workplace and auto-injuries can include a variety of components, including: concussion management, whiplash treatment, back pain treatment, hip pain treatment, knee pain treatment, shoulder pain treatment, post-surgical rehabilitation, re-strengthening exercises, and more. Wherever you’re at in your healing process, Craven SPORT services is here to support and advocate for you!

Auto & Work Injuries

Auto- and workplace-injury care at Craven SPORT services may include: 


Concussion Management 

Massage therapy


Dry Needling 

Strength & Conditioning 

Occupational Therapy

Consultation with a mental health professional 

& more! 


To begin your recovery process and get back to feeling like yourself again after an auto- or workplace-injury, contact our clinic today!