Multi-Week Programs

Multi-Week Programs

Train with like-minded individuals to help you
reach your health and fitness goals.

Our multi-week group programs allow strength and conditioning development that pertains to a particular focus area.
Programs are periodized throughout the duration of the course, promoting improvement in mobility, strength, balance, and overall health and fitness.

Osteoarthritis Exercise Intervention Program

Do you or does someone you know live with knee or hip Osteoarthritis?

Craven SPORT services is pleased to be offering an Osteoarthritis Exercise Intervention Program, based on the GLA:D Canada osteoarthritis exercise program. This program combines education sessions and neuro-muscular training over 8 weeks to provide an effective, evidence-based program for those with osteoarthritis.

“Research from the GLA:D Program has shown a reduction in progression of symptoms by 32%.”
To learn more about GLA:D Canada, visit their website:

This program is now being run by a Physiotherapist! Which means you can submit your receipts to your insurance provider for reimbursement!

Strong(HER) Phase I

Work with other women who are empowered to get stronger!

This beginner program is designed by women, for women, and is taught by one of our Strength and Conditioning Coaches. Learn to lift weights with proper technique to get stronger. Learn to feel comfortable and confident lifting weights on your own.

Strong(HER) Phase 1 is for first time entrants into the program. Focus is on proper technique and the basics of weight lifting and movement.

Fit 4 Life

Training focused on introducing and continually improving all aspects of physical fitness with the primary goal of keeping you healthy and enjoying everything life has to offer!

Craven SPORT services’ Strength and Conditioning Coaches the group is lead through various styles of workouts in a gym setting that will help you attain and maintain your health and fitness goals – all while educating you on “how to” maintain technical excellence!

The Mindful Runner

Are you ready to take your running to the next level, and become the Mindful Runner?

This program will focus on running specific exercises changing throughout the progression of the program. We will discuss how mindful breathing can improve your overall performance, speed and endurance, as well as how to bring synergy to your trunk and pelvis to get you moving with precision. Our goal is to reconnect you mentally and physically during this 12 week practice so you can be The Mindful Runner.

For more information or to register for a CSS Training Centre multi-week program, contract our administrative team at (306)934-2011!