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Athlete Training Saskatoon

Athlete Training Saskatoon

Promote technical excellence through improved movement patterns, body mechanics, and strength!

Our Athlete Training programs will help with injury prevention, and promote improved strength, endurance, mobility, agility, balance, coordination, and speed among our under 18 clients! Individualized programs and athletic-development training will help promote development both within and across sports! Whether you’re training as an individual or looking for team support, the CSS Training Centre has something for every athlete!

All #TeamCraven members receive priority access to physiotherapy and medical management, ensuring they stay strong, healthy, and mobile!

Programs for individuals:

Individual athletes looking to build strength, rehabilitate injuries, and maximize performance are encouraged to join one of two Athlete Training programs. Divided by age group, both Athlete Supervised Training and Learn to Move will maximize sport-specific outcomes whilst promoting full-body health and fitness!

The following programs require the completion of a CSS Training Centre Intro Package prior to athlete involvement. This process, which includes 3 hours of one-on-one personal training, will set athletes up for success, ensuring they are confident in our space and familiar with their exercise program moving forward!

Supervised Training


A program designed to allow athletes age 12+ years old to complete their individualized exercise programs under the supervision of our Strength & Conditioning Coaches, who ensure proper form, prevent injury, and keep athletes feeling challenged!

Learn to Move


A weight-training circuit program designed for athletes ages 8-12. Young athletes build strength, coordination, and balance, whilst receiving additional one-on-one sport-specific attention.

Programs for Teams:

Looking to take your team to the next level? By training alongside like-minded and sport-specific athletes, you’ll see how proper movement mechanics and strength training can take your performance to the next level!


Team Training

Whether in our Training Centre or on-location in your space, our Strength & Conditioning Coaches are pleased to work alongside numerous Saskatchewan-based teams to maximize their outcomes each season. Whether program development, on-site training, performance testing, or online coaching, we will find the solution that’s right for your team!