Danelle Banman

Strength & Conditioning Coach
CPT, B.Sc(kin), M.Sc(kin) - candidate
Danelle has spent her life in Saskatchewan, growing up in Warman before attending the University of Saskatchewan for her post-secondary studies. She completed a B.Sc in Kinesiology, and is approaching the end of her Master’s in Kinesiology, with a focus on older adult fall prevention and balance assessment.
In her free time, Danelle enjoys going for runs with her daughter, doing sudoku puzzles, and watching comedy movies with her husband. Her time outside of work is filled with reading, writing, and chasing around her 10 month old daughter, who has recently learned how to crawl and pull herself up onto any type of furniture she can grasp!
At CSS, you’ll find Danelle working with a variety of teams, groups, and personal clients – including our awesome Strong(HER) program! Danelle looks forward to putting her research knowledge to work with our older adult clients, helping them build strong and stable foundations for long-term wellness!